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Quick loans on bank account are issued on the website of the online loan company; all you need to get money are access to the Internet, computer or smartphone.

Loan on the Internet: what is online loan?

Quick loan services is a way to get a small loan on bank account. To do this you only need to have Internet access and a computer or smartphone.

What is it for? Many Vietnamese are increasingly сhallenged to situations when It’s a long time till a payday, and you can’t stop running out of money. It’s embarrassing to ask friends or relatives to lend money, meanwhile It’s required a huge package of documents to obtain a Bank credit.

In such a case may so-called "quick loans" help. You can obtain a loan by filling out a questionnaire on the website of the company. And then the money will be transferred to your сredit card or bank account.

What is online loan?

Quick loans on bank account is a way to get a loan without visiting a bank branches. Let’s imagine the following situation: only a few days till a payday, and you have no money. It’s embarrassed and ashamed to ask friends and relatives to lend you money, but at the same time It’s is useless to go to the Bank, because after queuing for a long time, collecting a mountain of paperwork your loan application might be refused.

Quick bank account loans are issued on the website of the financial company. All you need to get money are Internet access, computer or smartphone.

    We can highlight the following advantages of loans online:
  • unlike Bank credits, microfinance companies don’t even require to provide an income certificate. You don’t need any more certificates, as well as a full package of accompanying documents;
  • you can apply for a loan, wherever you are: at home, in the office, out of town, at the store or right at the ATM. You just need to have Internet access and a device to go to the website;
  • we transfer the money to client’s bank account, so you don’t need to go to the Bank and get cash. You can get a loan to pay online, even if you just don’t want to look for a nearest ATM to top up your bank account;
  • microcredit companies issue loans even to those who have a bad credit score, as such companies are focused on the solvency and trust of the client. Of course, the borrower should not have long-term delays in other companies and a bunch of outstanding loans, but we still could turn a blind eye to small delays and approve your loan application.

Online loans have already become a part of daily lives of many Vietnamese. People from Western countries are not afraid to apply for a loans to make various purchases, now such a culture of living comes to us, in Ukraine. The main thing is not to get into a vicious circle of permanent loans, so do not forget about your own strength and try to pay your loan off in time. Finally, go to verified and certified financial companies only, that are trusted by Vietnamese!

The loan period

The maximum loan term for regular customers can be extended to 3 months.

The loan payment

Interest rate calculation example: when you take out a loan online for 300 000 VND for 7 days, the total amount to be paid will be 335 700 VND.

Personal data

To profile and assess the Client's solvency Acotienroi app uses phone data, contact list, cell phone records, list of text messages, list of e-mail addresses.

Loan financing is performed by the company:

Tên công ty: Công ty TNHH MTV Thương mại Dịch vụ Hải Long

Địa chỉ: Tầng 2, tòa nhà Trung Yên 1, KĐT Trung Yên, P. Trung Hòa, Q. Cầu Giấy, Tp. Hà Nội

SĐT: 0904714887

Đại diện bởi: Ông Lê Hải Long

Chức vụ: Giám Đốc

Số tài khoản:

164649628 tại Ngân Hàng VP Bank, CN Thăng Long;

19133486013010 tại Ngân Hàng Techcombank, CN Đông Đô;

0491000154825 tại Ngân hàng Vietcombank, CN Thăng Long

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